Welcome to the website of Cooper City High School’s newly established National English Honor Society! NEHS was established in the spring of 2016.

As a service oriented organization, we have been working hard to spread a love for English and a passion for learning around the CCHS community. We believe that the written and spoken word are mirrors of life at large, and as such, we are dedicated to instilling a sense of pride in literature and story telling. Our members have spent countless hours tutoring, speaking, and writing in an effort to make the world a better place.

Here, you can find membership information, take a look at our projects and events, get updates on meeting agendas, and learn more about our requirements for applying to be a member of NEHS. The website is updated on a near-weekly basis for the convenience of members, interested students, and educators.

NEHS is committed to literacy and service, and we know that the path to a better future begins with a few simple words.